Rendering and plastering are words that are used interchangeably – the main distinction is made between external walls and internal walls. The term used to apply a coating to outside walls is referred to as rendering.

External Rendering is an external solid form of plastering sometimes used as weather protection and for its insulation enhancements keeping bills and eco rates down to a minimum.

We offer the following rendering systems

Lime Render

Referred to as ‘traditional natural render’ it provides one of the most breathable render products available.

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Sand and Cement Render

As one of the more durable types of render, sealed by paint it can provide an additional layer of weather protection.

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Monocouche Render

Available in a wide range of colours, it protects from weather and gives a decorative finish.

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Polymer Render

While it repels water easily on the surface it allows water vapour to pass through it and lets the substrate beneath it to breathe with ease.

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Insulated Render

Special exterior wall insulation that can reduce carbon footprint. The best choice to insulate a building a have weather protection.

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Acrylic Render

An acrylic render can be used to seal the surface of previously mentioned renders leaving a texture that is not flat.

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