Beorma specialise in drylining systems, adhering strictly to job specifications delivering excellent results every time.

We offer the following DryLining services

Lightweight and load-bearing stud partition systems

Timber stud partitions provide quick wall development with basic space division, where the installation is considered to be an easier low budget option.

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Jointing and Taping

This involves covering and reinforcing the seams between sheets of plasterboard on a wall or ceiling.

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Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Systems

Provides a barrier of soundproofing by applying acoustic plasterboards to wall or ceilings.

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Fireproof Systems

The installation of a tight skin of fireproof plasterboard depending on specifications offering up to 90 minutes of fire resistance.

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Dotting and Dabbing

A traditional form of drylining using drywall adhesive to adhere plasterboards to various existing backgrounds.

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